Why is the game for ages 18 and up?

The main reason is because there are some cards with adult themes that would not be appropriate for younger players. The second reason is that it generally takes having lived a while to have some good stories. Plus, have you ever listened to a 9 year old tell a story? Painful. But, if your 9 year old is a fabulous story teller and has led a fascinating life, you can pull out cards that would be appropriate to play with him or her.

What events is this game good for?

We'd say it's great for all events. We'd recommend it for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, girls nights out, guys nights out, family reunions, sorority parties, fraternity parties, other college parties, ice breakers, holiday parties, New Year's parties, etc. Other than a child's birthday party or an event with boring people, you really can't go wrong. Except maybe if your mom or boss is there.

I'm not much of a gamer. Will I like this game?

This is the perfect game for non-gamers (though, to be clear, we think gamers will enjoy this game, too). The rules are simple and there is no strategy to keep up with. It doesn't even matter if you go out of turn. Everyone has the ability to score a point in every round.

Is this a drinking game?

It is not...but it certainly can be. We've even included rules to play it as a drinking game.

What are the headings on the tops of the cards?

The headings are linked to the card topic. Some headings are pop culture references. Others are references to true stories that fit the topic.

Will you tell us the stories behind the cards?

Sometimes we tell stories on our Facebook or Twitter page. Follow us there if you're curious.