Game Play


You know that guy? The one who, every time you tell a story, just has to tell a “better” one? This game makes it socially acceptable to be that guy – or girl.


A game for four or more friends. Take turns telling true stories about the topic and vote to decide who had the best story. By the end of the night, someone will be crowned the One Upper!


All players make the following vows:

Cone of Silence – Stories heard in the game won’t be shared outside of the game

Oath of Honesty – All stories will be true

Pinky Swear – No one will share another player’s story if the other player is unwilling to have it shared


1.Give each player 3 cards, face down.

2.Lay 5 cards face up so everyone can read them.

3.The remaining cards are the draw pile.

4.Decide on a tie-breaker method to use if necessary.

5.Use any method to decide who will go first.


1.Player 1 chooses a card from his/her hand or trades a card from his/her hand with one of the cards lying face up on the table. The player reads the chosen card and tells his or her best true story on the topic.

2.Other players, in turn, are given the chance to tell a story on the topic, with the goal being to tell a better story than anyone else has shared.

3.Players may choose to pass without penalty unless playing the Drinking Version.

4.When everyone has told a story or passed, all players vote on whose story was best. Voting is done openly unless the group has opted for secret ballot voting.

5.The person with the most votes wins a point.

6.Use the agreed upon tie-breaker method if there is a tie.

7.The player who started the round draws another card from the draw pile so that he/she has three cards in his/her hand.

8.Play continues to the right.

9.The first player to get 5 points wins, unless the group agrees to a different number of points to end the game.


DRINKING VERSION (for 21 and up only)

If a player passes on telling a story, the player takes a drink.


If secret voting is preferred, all players write the name of the person they are voting for on a piece of paper and place it in a hat or other receptacle. One player is responsible for counting the votes to award the points.

POKER STYLE (poker chips not included)

After the player whose turn it is reads the topic card, all players who want to share a story ante in. After each person tells a story, players decide if they want to stay in the game with an additional ante or fold. Note: If playing for money, be aware of your own state’s gambling laws. This version is not meant to suggest gambling is legal everywhere.


Tell stories without voting on the best. The object in this version is to have fun and learn about your friends.


Who should I play with?

It’s best to play with people you’re comfortable sharing your best stories with.

Do the stories have to be about me?

No, but you’re more likely to win if you have a story about you or someone close to you.

How closely to the topic must I stay?

As long as there’s a way to link the story to the topic, you should be okay, but your group has the final say.

What if I don’t have a story on topic?

You never have to tell a story; if you are playing the Drinking Version, you’ll have to drink to pass.

Why do some cards have a red border?

If you ordered the Not Safe for Work expansion pack, the cards have a red border so you can easily remove them if necessary, depending on who you’re playing with.