One Up This Game
One Up This Game
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One Up This Game

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You know how when you’re sitting around with friends, at some point you end up telling stories and everyone laughs and then the night turns into an unofficial game of “one ups”? One Up This takes that night and makes it official, leading to someone being crowned the One Upper.

ONE UP THIS contains over 100 topics for you and your friends to use to tell true stories while trying to one up each another. Topics include exes, pranks, and even butt dials. This game will lead to hours of fun with friends and family - just be sure you play with people you aren't afraid to share your best stories with.

This game is designed for 4 or more players ages 18 and up.

Want more cards? Check out our expansion packs - SCHOOL DAYS and NSFW.

Discount alert: Buy the game and both expansion packets and save $2.00 as compared to buying each separately.

We'd love to hear what you like about the game!  Please review your experience and let everyone know what fun One Up This has been among your friends.


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